Shelle Rose Charvet has certified over 600 LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainers in 30 countries and has personally trained thousands around the world in influencing and persuading using the LAB Profile(r), Neuro-linguistic Programming and other advanced psychologies.
She has created a number of advanced techniques used to:
enhance rapport, trust, credibility and influence that enable people to prevent conflicts, avoid stalemates in sales and negotiations and help everyone get what they need.

Since 1982, people and organizations in North America, Europe, Asia and the South Pacific have been seeking her out for solutions to marketing, sales, negotiation and team management challenges.

In the unionized auto parts industry, she helped negotiators avoid an expected strike and sign the first 5-year contract in the history of the company.  For an ERP company, she helped the marketing department increase direct advertising response rates by uncovering the hidden Motivation Triggers typical of their target market CIOs and CEOs, in the different phases of the buying cycle.  Another high-growth software company asked Shelle to help create and implement their international Customer Philosophy and Customer Transaction Processes based on identifying the Motivation Triggers for happy and unhappy end-users.

Her expertise includes applied Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and the LAB Profile® (Language and Behavior Profile), a psycho-linguistic tool for uncovering how people get motivated, how they think and make decisions.  She helps identify the exact words, phrases and even visuals to help get key messages across.

Author of the international bestseller, Words that Change Minds:  Mastering the Language of Influence,now available in 15 languages as well as The Customer is Bothering MeInnovations in NLP (co-editor), and Wishing, Wanting and Achieving.

Shelle speaks English, French and Spanish and is learning German.

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